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Satsuki Ina, Ph.D.

Executive Producer/Co-Director/Writer


  • Ph.D., Oregon State University, Corvallis, Counselor Education, 1980.
  • B.A., University of California, Berkeley, Psychology/Social Work, 1966.


  • Director & Psychotherapist, Family Study Center, Sacramento, California, 1990 - present.
  • Professor (Emeritus), Department of Counselor Education, California State University, Sacramento, 1988 - 2000.

Additional Background

  • Project Director and Producer of Children of the Camps, a documentary and educational project, February 1998 - February 2000.
  • Co-writer of grant proposal, awarded $365,000 from The California Endowment to produce the documentary and write the study guide.
  • Wrote proposal and received additional $150,000 to disseminate documentary and conduct 115 educational workshops.
  • Academic specialization in Multicultural Education and Psychotherapy, developing curriculum and instructional materials for secondary and college level on unlearning racism, cultural diversity, multicultural families.
  • Researched and published articles in scholarly journals on the psychological and familial impact of the internment on Japanese Americans, culture and psychotherapy, and racism as a mental health issue, and self esteem of Japanese American children.
  • Former child internee, born in Tule Lake Segregation Center and raised in San Francisco Japantown after the war.

Dr. Ina is Professor Emeritus in the School of Education at California State University, Sacramento and founder of the Family Study Center. She was born in the Tule Lake Segregation Center during her parents' four-year imprisonment in the WW II American Concentration Camps. As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in cross-cultural counseling, she has conducted groups for Japanese Americans who, like herself, were children in the prison camps. She has been researching the long-term impact of the internment for the past fifteen years and her work culminated in the production of the Children of the Camps documentary, which was nominated for a Northern California Emmy and was broadcast nationally on PBS in 2000. With funding from The California Endowment, Dr. Ina utilized the Children of the Camps documentary as a community intervention program, and conducted 110 screenings in various Japanese American communities in the US and in Japan. In 2004, she served as consultant and assistant curator for an exhibit titled, Snow Country Prison: Interned in North Dakota, which was based on her father's wartime haiku poetry and other historical documents she has collected.

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